EDF Videos / Documentaries

Overseeing 40+ Videos

I directed and oversaw dozens of videos for EDF (and built the internal video capability.) I’ve pulled out three highlights…but if you’re really jonesing for more environmental content, I’ve also included the more extensive collection.

Reaching hearts and raising funds for Oceans

Showcasing a unique Climate Corps fellowship

Calling all Moms! (An animated narrative for Julianne Moore’s “talking head”)


Highlighting clean energy in a red state community

Behind the work of the Chief Scientist

A series portraying innovators–on a shoestring budget

Showcasing business leader support for coastal restoration

…and, spontaneously reacting to current events…

A zero-budget concept as book promotion video

  • 1.Client
    Environmental Defense Fund Programs
  • 2.Duration
    Oceans, Ecosystems, and Climate communications
  • 3.Place
    Various: Fundraising, Advocacy, Stakeholder education (see notes)