EDF Videos / Documentaries

Overseeing 40+ Videos

Before building an in-house video capability, I directed a dozen videos for EDF, and also hired outside production companies when we had the budget to do so. After hiring an in-house PReditor, I continued to oversee multiple video documentaries and video share pieces. Here are some of my favorite highlights.

Reaching hearts and raising funds for Oceans

Showcasing a unique Climate Corps fellowship

Evolving a “talking head” into an animated narrative

Highlighting clean energy in a red state community

Behind the work of the Chief Scientist

A series portraying innovators–on a shoestring budget

Showcasing business leader support for coastal restoration

…and, spontaneously reacting to current events…

A zero-budget concept as book promotion video

  • 1.Client
    Environmental Defense Fund Programs
  • 2.Duration
    Oceans, Ecosystems, and Climate communications
  • 3.Place
    Various: Fundraising, Advocacy, Stakeholder education (see notes)