EDF Membership

Attracting, Maintaining, and Activating Members

At EDF, the internal Creative Team that I led supported the Membership team as one of our primary clients. Our efforts included: online banner campaigns for the purpose of fundraising and member acquisition; collateral to activate political action; quarterly publications for education and retention; and wide range of other collateral as issues arose. Below are some highlights from this work.

Exceeding metrics for acquisition


We knew that audiences responded most emotionally to immediate health risks. With the continuing Flint water crisis as context, our team developed this quick read campaign. Measured head-to-head against a campaign from an outside agency, our results beat the agency’s click-through rates and sign-up metrics.

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that catastrophic effects from climate change will be seen as early as 2030 if we don’t curb emissions now. The animated OLA campaign referenced above featured 4 different questions that people in the future might search on, if those catastrophic effects were to become reality.

Engaging Mother Jones activists

President Trump’s first appointee to the EPA was a known lobbyist for the fossil fuel industry, having sued the Obama EPA 14 times in favor of lax clean air standards.

First-ever radio spots, playing in 100 markets

EDF received a donation of media time from Entercom Media. I oversaw the scripting and recording of three radio spots featuring celebrity spokespeople Don Cheadle and Ellie Kemper.

Providing members with share content

Keeping supporters informed: Solutions quarterly newsletter

Solutions is a quarterly newsletter that updates EDF’s members on its work. In addition to facilitating brainstorms for the major art categories, such as covers and large graphics, I also oversaw the 2014 re-design of the master newsletter design. During my tenure, the continually improving newsletter achieved a year-over-year increase in direct donations. Here are some of my favorite covers.

  • 1.Client
    Environmental Defense Fund, Membership
  • 2.Duration
    Promotions and membership content
  • 3.Place
    Cultivate new members; maintain existing members