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American Express

Providing a community for small business owners

It’s lonely starting up a business. That’s what we heard from myriad small business owners: In addition to feeling the weight of concerns such as cash flow, staffing practices, and inventory issues, the sense of feeling alone and without access to information resources was a identified as a huge challenge.

Enter American Express OPEN, with a twist on the iconic AmEx concept of “Membership”: OPEN FORUM invited small business owners to get the support and information they need to succeed—and to feel a part of a community of like-minded individuals at different stages of the same challenges, able to share their insights and learnings, and of course, be enabled by the financial products offered by American Express.

“Give your life a charge”: Membership Rewards campaigns

I also worked on consumer American Express products such as Membership Rewards and American Express Gold Card Membership Rewards. I oversaw multiple online banner campaigns, and several highly innovative interactive websites detailing benefits, and directed a series of videos showcasing entrepreneurs discussing the value of the benefits to their businesses.

  • 1.Client
    Digitas, American Express: Small Business, and Membership Rewards
  • 2.Duration
    Cardmember services campaigns
  • 3.Place
    Maintain relationship with existing cardmembers; acquire new cardholders